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The Overall History of Al Fakher

Al Fakher is a stable shisha brand throughout the world due to their product consistency. They were the first to introduce new fruity flavors that did not produce a strong buzz, which was an overkill for new smokers and those looking for just a pleasant session. Al Fakher has a wide range of flavors that are easy to enjoy, smoke, and use. It is a great brand to start off with and it is also one that usually sticks with you in the future. It might not be the best shisha in the world, but it is one fine product that has stayed the same throughout the years. Featuring the same great taste and with the same cut and moisture level, many smokers have delighted in Al Fakher for some time now.

It is the shisha that you know will not disappoint; it is dependable and economical. Al Fakher is best smoked with an Egyptian or phunnel bowl. It is also crafted to be smoked wrapped with foil but at the end, your personal preferences will decide how and with what you will smoke your shisha. Overall, the most important advice may be the fact that you should not pack it too densely since the smoke is not meant to be strong or off-putting.
With flavors ranging from kiwi and strawberry to mint and chocolate, Al Fakher has expanded its merchandise to fit almost every style of smoke available.
There is always bound to be an Al Fakher Tobbaco flavor you absolutely love and one you cannot stand thanks to their amazing selection. Finding this name product is also simple and can be done online or in any basic shisha store.
Al Fakher has remained a growing but stable company that has produced minimal changes in their shisha lines because what they already have has worked for years and gained a steady flow of clients. Newbies in particular are fascinated by the slight buzz and the consistent flavor and smoke, unlike much harsher shisha available in the market.
This brand was specifically made for those who want to avoid strong tobacco and wish to only enjoy a flavor without a rushing buzz taking over. The flavors that Al Fakher has to sell have remained relatively the same throughout the years and that is not necessarily a bad thing.
Each flavor remains for a simple reason and that is because it works and best of all, it sells.
At times, they introduce new product lines but they suddenly disappear, like their "Trippy Edition" flavors that hit the market a while ago but has gone missing since.
They may decide to try another batch of new flavors in the near future, and then again, they may not because in all honesty they do not need too.
Al Fakher will continue to be a popular shisha brand for many users worldwide simply because of their stability in quality and quantity; human beings enjoy taking the safest route possible and Al Fakher is a sure bet.

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