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The 9 characteristics of a good It Specialist

1. Conciliatory
Whatever solution you offer, it will never be enough. What suits one team will not be good for another and vice versa. The same goes for customers: they too will never be completely satisfied. As an It Specialist, you need to prepare yourself for some criticism. The strongest have an advantage!

2. Persevering
The work of an It Specialist is never quite finished. Either the client still wants to 'change' something quickly, or a bug or virus pops up at the last moment. Being able to solve problems is an essential quality for It Specialists. Customers or bosses expect you to immediately have a solution to offer. Those who are easily discouraged will have a hard time getting by.

3. Young
The IT sector is the sector par excellence for young people in their twenties or thirties. They grew up with technology and knowhow to adapt better than anyone to new trends. Obviously, it's the youth of spirit that counts, so do not worry if you've already passed the 30's mark.

4. Patient
Computers are rarely the best friends of employees. Frustrated colleagues will come regularly to call for help because of an 'insurmountable problem'. It's up to you to have the tact and patience to explain the use of the system again and again. No doubt, patience is an indispensable asset in this business!

5. Creative
As said before, colleagues, customers and superiors expect It Specialists to find simple solutions to complicated problems at a glance. To achieve this, academic knowledge is far from sufficient: it is by thinking creatively that you will spark.

6. Improvisation talent
No, you do not have to be a member of the Improve League, but you must know that there will be a time when you really do not know what to do. Yet everyone will expect you to find a solution.

7. Sociable
Believe it or not, the job of It Specialist is actually very social. If you want to satisfy your clients and colleagues, you will have to accept the importance of conciliation and discussion. Having good contacts in all departments will therefore play a big role in your favor. In addition, you must be able to announce bad news, such as when a customer's wishes are not compatible with the possibilities of a program.

8. Curious
If you do not have the desire to continue learning, you will soon find yourself lagging behind. Technologies are constantly evolving and continuous training is the only way to stay up to date.

9. Passionate
Here is a necessary quality for all jobs: those who do not do their job with passion and conviction are very quickly 'emptied', sometimes with a burn-out at the key.

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