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Job description: Expert in cybersecurity, a sector still rar

Information Systems Security (ISS) specialists would be rare birds ... According to Senator Jean-Marie Bockel's report on cyber defense (July 2012), dedicated training would only cover a quarter of the estimated recruitment needs. currently at 1000 per year (200 for administrations and 800 for the private sector).
Indeed, after having minimized their time, companies (banks, insurance, defense, etc.) and public authorities are now aware of the need to guard against computer attacks and recruit on purpose.


To specialize in the field, it is still necessary to find his training : universities have less than a dozen masters SSI , and the side of engineering schools, rich in the field of computing, telecommunications and networks only a handful offer true cybersecurity specialization.

Tuition fees vary by institution: € 450 per year in universities, € 800 in public engineering schools or € 5700 to € 7600 in private schools ( Epita ). Some schools, including Télécom Bretagne in partnership with Supélec or Ensta ParisTech, have set up specialized masters (MS). These courses, in one year after a bac + 5, labeled by the Conference of Grandes Ecoles (CGE), are paid (7500 € for MS Cybersecurity Telecom Bretagne and Supélec) and each promotion has no more than a dozen students per year.

Selection is required to access training: on proof or on file, directly after the bac for some engineering schools, such as Epita, after a bac + 2 for others, such as Ensibs, or after a license for masters. In all cases, specialization in cybersecurity intervenes only at the end of the course, usually in the last year (bac + 5), or even bac + 6 for those who choose an MS. "The subject requires a certain maturity," says Sébastien Bombal, head of major systems, networks, security (SRS) at Epita Paris. It is not only about mastering techniques, but above all about having a global approach to the organization of information within the company. "

Computer science, sociology of organizations, risk analysis, crisis management are all topics discussed.
Computer courses are therefore only part of the program (about a third for the UTT Master SSI). Economic intelligence, the sociology of organizations, risk analysis, crisis management are all topics also covered, based on practical cases. "We will study, for example, the implementation of a business continuity program in the event of a computer incident," says Patrick Lallement, head of the SSI master at UTT.


In all courses, a long internship (five or six months) is often the prelude to a definitive hiring. The starting salaries are close to those of the young engineers (35000 € gross per year) but progress very quickly up to 40000 €, even 60000 € annual. Strategic, Cyber Security Engineer salary has indeed a price ...

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