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Network Controller & Network Technician Salaries

Computer-related jobs are one of the most valued jobs in the entire world. Computers have become an inseparable part of corporate culture, and network computing professionals are in great demand almost everywhere. However, computer networking is not an easy task, since it involves many responsibilities, especially if you are the only one who manages your department! Discover the job description, educational requirements, and most importantly, the Network Controller Salary.

Network Administrator Educational Requirements
The work of a network administrator is completely a technical job, therefore, it requires a lot of training and knowledge of computer science and its applications. To become a network administrator, you need to acquire a bachelor's degree, be it in computer science, Telecom Engineer Salary. But only a university degree is not enough. If you want to work with top-level companies, then a master's degree in computer science is necessary, along with knowledge in various topics related to the network, such as design network, application, security management, etc. Stay updated on the Various aspects of computer networks are so necessary in this field of work.

Description of the work of a network administrator

Computer network administrators are the key members of any organization. This is because of the control, support and supervision of an organization's computer network. This makes networking a difficult and challenging! Let's see the job description of a network administrator.
Planning and design of the network: The main duty of a network administrator includes the planning of the computer network. This planning includes the selection of the correct network addressing system, the connection devices, and the layout design of the different network configurations.
Implementation and Maintenance: After designing and accurate planning, implementation and maintenance of the network all user accounts also form an important part of the work of the network administrator.
Technical Support: As technical supporters, network technicians help solve and correct network problems that one can experience with the computer network. This requires a lot of patience and sometimes working beyond the call of duty.
Network security: network security in terms of data security is the most important part of any organization. Therefore, the duty of the network administrator is to install security systems and educate users about data security, to ensure that the organization's data is handled properly and is kept secure.

Network technician salary
Networked computer work is one of the most lucrative jobs in the market. This is the reason why almost half of young people are attracted to the computer industry. The average salary of a network administrator or a network technician is around $ 60,000 - $ 75,000. In reality, the salary range depends on the qualification, experience. and the area of ??specialization too. The more the qualification and experience, the higher the salary range, and therefore, many people go for a master's degree in networking or computer science. Let's take a look at average salaries according to specialization.

Salaries of computer networks

Average salary of a

Junior network administrator
$ 50,000 - $ 60,000

Network Administrator
$ 65,000 - $ 75,000

Network Designer
$ 75,000 - $ 85,000
Network Engineer
$ 80,000 - $ 90,000
Now that you have an idea of ??the salary of a computer network administrator. So if you want to build your career in the field of computer networks, you need to be very hardworking and dedicated. With hands-on experience and practical knowledge, you can undoubtedly rise to a leading position in this field.

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