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Become a freelance computer or IT consultant?

What sets the IT services company apart from the payroll company? For what reasons could an IT consultant consider taking the path of computer engineer average salary portage after a few years spent in IT services? These questions, you may have already asked them if you have been working in the IT field for a number of years.

Appeared at the beginning of the 1980s, the computer engineering services company is a structure specialized in assisting client companies on projects related to IT (consulting, maintenance, training, system integration or creation). It allows companies to use the services of a specialist during a project, to avoid hiring them.

The SSII, sometimes referred to as the Digital Services Company, is therefore responding to an urgent need for flexibility , at a time when the computer sector is diversifying more than ever.

Hired by the SSII (on profile or mission), the IT consultant works directly with his client. He rarely has the opportunity to choose his missions and must therefore sometimes be content with unattractive missions. The profiles targeted by this type of structure are often young graduates.

After a few years of practice in IT engineer services, IT consultants are often keen to achieve some of their deepest aspirations. Many of them, for example, want to become independent to develop their own business to gain autonomy and compensation. The SSII, which offers undeniable advantages when one wishes to find one's first job and to forge an experiment , can then turn into a real brake. And if the solution was on the side of the portage salary?

Some uninformed self-employed people confuse the IT services company with the wage-earning company. This is of course an error! Although they do have some things in common, these two types of structures do not really work in the same way; most importantly, they do not offer the same degree of freedom and guidance to freelance computing.

In terms of autonomy
The consultant services company and employee focused are both contractually bound to the company that employs them; the SSII on one side, and the payroll company on the other. We can therefore point out the existence of a relationship of subordination in both cases.

However, unlike the computer consultant IT services that must necessarily meet a number of obligations if he does not want to be fired, as any employee "classic" in short; the worn employee benefits from an authentic freedom. He does not have a superior to whom to report, he freely chooses his schedule and his place of work .

Moreover, and this is undoubtedly where the most notable specificity of wage-earning is, the porter consultant can decide in his soul and conscience the missions he wants to carry out , something very rare in the context of a SSII.

The other side of the coin: the self-employed worker in salary portage must anticipate his mission ends to seek new missions. However, he can rely on his network of experts and personal accompaniment to find contracts that meet his aspirations!

In terms of supervision
One of the great strengths of the portage company is the support it offers to the employee. Although perfectly autonomous, the latter can however count on the support of a whole team. In addition to taking care of its administrative formalities, it accompanies it in the development of its activity and helps it to face the difficulties that it can meet on a daily basis (commercial actions, development of a coherent offer, negotiation ...) .

The rise in skills, essential in a constantly evolving field such as the IT sector, is achieved through training , among other things . It should be noted that some software houses also carry out actions in this direction. Interest? The self-employed can thus diversify his offer to find more interesting missions.

In terms of compensation
As can be expected, the proposed salaries in IT services companies can vary greatly from one company to another. However, it should be noted that it is quite common for a computer engineer to consider that his remuneration is not up to his level of qualification . The problem is that his missions are negotiated for him and that the SSII generally has every interest in lowering its rates to remain competitive.

In wage-earning, it is quite otherwise. The IT consultant creates his own clientele and negotiates the amount of his remuneration according to his own criteria.

In addition, the recent creation of the collective wage-earning agreement provides for the creation of a financial reserve dedicated to periods of inactivity. The consultant can take advantage of this income to approach his canvassing and negotiations more serenely.

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It is not uncommon for IT consultants practicing in software houses to complain about their low salary, the unattractive projects they have to carry out and the lack of prospects they face. A regrettable situation that pushes some talents to venture into business creation , while others have the chance to be offered a position at their client .

However, as you probably know, starting your own business is not necessarily a quiet river. Between the cost generated by the creation of the company, the commercial canvassing, the administrative management more or less complex according to the legal structure and the realization of the services; the life of an IT freelance in SASU, EURL or micro-enterprise is not easy.

And if the IT consultant or engineering consulting firms could find in the portage salary both the autonomy to which he aspires and the security on which he does not want to compromise? In this sense, wage-earning, a form of atypical work now inscribed in the Labor Code and benefiting from its own collective agreement , is addressed directly to the worker attached to his freedom and to the preservation of his social protection.

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