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Job description of a NOC engineer

Telecommunications play a very important role in the transfer of information and in the entertainment industry. NOC is an acronym for Network Operations Center. This center is where IT engineers observe and perform the maintenance of telecommunications networks. These network operations centers are often found in large companies, where network activities are difficult to observe individually.

The network operations center (NOC) is a room where specialists do their work, using sophisticated equipment that produces visualizations of the networks that IT specialists are responsible, according to Tech Target. From this center, specialists in solving network problems, distribute new programs and update data. From this center, the overall performance of the company's network is controlled and the networks are coordinated.

The NOC engineer performs a series of tasks such as configuring and managing Cisco routers, changing the firmware - which are small and adapted small programs - on a regular basis, solving problems with computer networks every time they are reported, guaranteeing that multimedia transmission through the networks is functioning properly, according to CyberCoders Engineering. According to RealPage, the NOC engineer supervises the system conditions, documents any changes made to the networks, builds a manual of procedures for the management of network problems and is responsible for maintaining the security of the network.

NOC engineers work in a computer lab where a large number of computers are located. These engineers usually work 40 hours a week, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many are expected to be available in the event of a system failure. These engineers spend a lot of time in front of a computer, which can make them susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome and visual fatigue.

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