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5 Keys to getting a job online as a freelancer

The way of working and getting work is changing radically due to the Internet and new technologies. Working as a freelancer in the marketplaces such as Elance, Fieldengineer, Nubelo, Upwork (old oDesk) and other intermediation platforms can be an excellent way to access thousands of job offers in one place and start creating your online client portfolio.

Choose your platform properly to work as a freelancer

It may seem contradictory, but the truth is that not to sign up for an immense amount of platforms you will get more jobs. As we will see below, the reputation and the number of assigned projects play an important role when it comes to getting you awarded projects and freelance jobs.

Examine the conditions of use of the freelance platform

Each platform offers services, establishes conditions and offers different memberships. Make sure you know all the details properly to avoid unpleasant surprises. For example, platforms such as or Twago will charge you a commission once the client has hired you, regardless of whether the project is canceled later or not. There are platforms that penalize certain behaviors such as the inclusion of external links, etc. Take into account all these aspects before investing a single second in creating your profile and making your first proposal.

Complete a winning profile to work as a freelancer

All freelance work platforms offer a user profile to expose your services in sufficient detail. Taking into account the large amount of competition that you will face when making your proposals, you can not afford the luxury of not having a complete profile; At the moment your offer awakens interest from a potential client, he will not hesitate to examine your services in more detail and verify your experience. In that sense, it is essential that you offer a professional image, starting with the photograph of the profile, and continuing with the letter of presentation of your services, as well as the exposition of the previous experience. In this regard, it should be noted that two of the elements that receive the least attention from first-time freelancers is the portfolio and the certified skills.

Analyze the competition of other freelancers

Whenever you can, check out the profiles of other professionals to check the level of proficiency you can expect. There are platforms in which it is possible to access the average of the amounts requested by freelancers in online job offers. In some cases, you will have to get a premium account in exchange for a small amount per month, in others, it will be a free option. In any case, accessing this information will allow you to estimate the proposals received by your potential clients and act accordingly.

Take care of your proposals

Finally, the key moment arrives at the time of making your first proposal. You should try to collect all possible data aboclient.lient . Some freelance work platforms will give you access to more information than others. The objective is to offer the service that the client seeks, in the best possible conditions. Modify your proposals and adapt them to each project, taking note of the details that allowed you to get your first job. If you dedicate time to your proposals, you will achieve better results than most of the competition.

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