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How Web Application Firewall & Application Delivery Ne

Avanu webmux Application Delivery Network Controllers are an expansion of server load balancer that join established load-balancing capabilities with features like automatic application health checks, SSL offload, proxy and reverse proxy capabilities, RAM caching, TCP reuse, Web application firewall and application access management (AAM).

Both these features in an Avanu Application Delivery Controller work to assure that an enterprise's data center applications and networks remain highly available, accelerated and secure. At the heart of an Application Delivery Controller is its load-balancing capabilities, which automatically distribute processing and communications evenly across computer networks and servers so that no single device is overwhelmed, securing potential downtime or performance degradation.

Avanu server load balancer is usually a software program that is listening on the port where external clients connect to access services. The load balancer forwards requests to one of the "backend" servers, which usually replies to the load balancer. server side load balancers give permissions to Avanu server load balancer to reply to the client without the client ever knowing about the internal process.

Avanu server load balancer also prevents clients from contacting back-end servers directly, which may have security benefits by hiding the structure of the internal network and preventing attacks.Some load balancers provide a functionalities for doing something different in the event that all backend servers are unavailable. This might include forwarding to a backup load balancer, or displaying a message regarding the outage.

Avanu Web Application Firewall,Server load balancer is able to distribute the load to different backend servers. Normally, load balancers are costly and configuration intensive devices. Integrated into a Avanu WAF, the cost and the configuration is minimal. The load balancing features integrated into Avanu Web Application Firewall only implements what is needed in terms of application load balancing for web applications, it will not be able to do traffic load balancing.

Used in smaller environments it saves a lot of costs in buying a dedicated device, which most probably are heavily oversized in terms of features. Additionally no extra training costs need to be planed and configurations are done a lot faster.web application firewall can be merge in all environments with or without a server load balancer. There is no limitation in using a avanu WAF in combination with a dedicated load balancer.

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