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New revolutionary technologies for motorcycles!

New revolutionary technologies for motorcycles are used for increased safety during braking

Statistics that are ellaborated by the National Institute of Statistics, Bucharest, for year 2016, shows an impresive number of motorcycles that are registered in all Romania country. In this case, the official data shows a significant increase of 2 wheels vehicles, in the last years!

Only in 2017 has been released more than 5000 new motorcycle registration certificates, A category vehicles! Almost 120.000 motorcycles are running on our country’s roads, as road infrastructure is not yet fully adapted to today's traffic conditions... Unfortunately, the number of accidents and the number of calls to motorcycle service units is on the increase and is aimed especially at young motorcyclists. For emergency situations, everybody should consult a repair guide from a motorcycle service manual, especially when such a manual can be found free on the internet.

Improved braking performance

The numbers obtained from recent research have shown that the braking system is responsible for producing about 20-30% of the total number of accidents. Their prevention was carried out by a team of experts from Germany by launching a last generation of dynamic brake technology, according to, a brilliant invention made by german builders more than a year ago!
What is the meaning of this and what are the advantages of incorporating such a mechanism? Dynamic braking light is part of those components that make up the "german brand safety strategy", say the experts. Following the success of its introduction into the automobiles, motorcycle experts from the strongest european country have decided to adapt and implement the system into two-wheels vehicles.

With the help of the dinamic braking light, the men on the motorcycle are warned in advance of the driver's braking maneuver. The function is activated in two stages: first - when the motorcycle suddenly brakes at speeds of over 50 km/h, when the warning light flashes, and second - when the motorcycle approaches the stationary. More details can be obtained by consulting the fully functional guide available in a motorcycle service manual.

More secure turns, on corners, with your motorcycle

Turning around is one of the biggest challenges in the life of a biker, especially if most of the kilometers spend are in a city. The challenge is even greater in the conditions where extreme sports lovers have to constantly sneak on the narrow streets of the capital city, through infernal traffic at the peak hours.

Performed in a manner as close to perfection as possible, cornering has an essential role in improving the rider's ability to control the motorcycle. With the help of the braking light, assistance and braking safety are guaranteed!

The drivers are warned early on by the intention of slowing down, thus avoiding staggering horns. The motorcycle has the time and the silence necessary to make the turn in maximum safety.
For more details, don’t forget to contact the online version of a motorcycle service manual, where you can find precious information about the operation of your vehicle

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