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Why Should You Use Social Media Tools Such As Mugio Social?

Small business owners are without a doubt, time starved. It is not surprising to learn that they worry a lot about time. In 2013, over 49% of small business owners increased their efforts on the social media. By using social media tools such as Mugio Social, you can continue posting on your business’ social media channels all through the night as well as on the weekends. You can use to schedule your posts, engage with your customers, and also view the analytics; all in one place. Below are some of the reasons to why you should use social media tools for managing and running your social media channels.

Social Media Analytics Tools Help To Save Time
Running a campaign isn’t a simple task. It even gets harder if you must remember to post about the campaign to all your social networks throughout the whole week. Using, you can sit down and schedule your content at once. In addition to saving so much of your valuable time, using this tool ensures that your campaign is promoted until its end.

Engage In the Conversations without Jumping From One Platform to Another
In this age, you don’t need to hop from one social media channel to another so as to view what others are saying about your business. allows you to view what your customers are saying about your business on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites all at once on the same platform. Furthermore, this social media analytics tool allows you to set the performance of your social media strategy. You can choose to individually setup the conversation pixel of each of the social media message/post. This allows you to precisely assess and determine the posts that convert better.

Build Comprehensive and Analytic Reports
In order to build a successful social media marketing strategy, it is important that you identify the interests of your customers (or audience) and what they can do without. You can do this by first taking a look your analytics and then after determine the type of content that they (your audience) are clicking on and engaging with. Mugio Social presents full-featured, ready-to-present, beautiful and detailed reports to your business or customers. The reports include everything that you need to know about your social media activity.

Auspiciously, allows you to do more than just social analytics. This social media analytics tool enables you to measure & understand the impact of social media on the performance of your website, ecommerce, as well as business reviews. With its easy setup process, you can track your goals (or objectives) so as to ensure that your customers continue getting satisfying results.

Mugio Social presents powerful insights into your social media accounts. These insights may include: activity & engagement, membership trends, the feelings and thoughts of your members/customers, their education levels, employment, interests, gender, geographical distribution, and many other valuable metrics. You can use this information to improve your ROI (Return on Investment) by boosting the relevant aspects of your social presence so as to generate more income. When you choose to use, you will be able to compare your social media accounts, and thus be able to understand how each of them affects your business.

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