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Things to Remember Before Bathroom Remodeling in Canonsburg

We all Want to have a great looking bathroom in our home. Because it's a place where you can just relax and get fresh in peace.
But the real problem with many people is that, they don't know anything about remodeling of bathroom.
But don't worry N&C Construction is here to help.
From our long experience in bathroom remodeling in canonsburg pa and decks in canonsburg pa, we would like to give you some pointers to avoid the inevitable problems.
So here are few things you should know before you start remodeling your bathroom.
Make a proper plan before you start
Working with an architect or designer may seem like a pricey move right out of the gate for someone wanting to remodel their bathroom on a budget, but it's worth it in end. Having a plan you’ve worked out with a professional will assure you that your design, timeline and budget are realistic, and it will give you a process checkpoints with a path to get there.
Don't shift your plumbing
Here is another reason to work with a designer for your bathroom renovation. If you use the existing piping, it will save you big bucks. Relocating utilities like the bathtub and the toilet are no small task. Today it will costs you about $4,000 for each time you move plumbing fixtures.
Mirror frame-up
Dress up that builder-grade mirror with a splendid frame, and at a fraction of the price of sourcing a large hanging mirror. A frame usually also hide any age-related wear. That's why designers often tell clients to add a frame around their mirror to hide the flaking that can happen around the edges, and to give it a more fresh look.
Use your budget wisely
Here’s some things you should be careful about. When remodeling any bathroom, instead of tossing out the whole porcelain perch, consider replacing your toilet lid and toilet seat. By changing out those two tops can give your toilet a fresh look without buying a new unit, which saves you a plumber fixing fees too.
Hit the salvage hard
Usually a large piece of salvage barn wood can be serve as a shower curtain valance. Surely it looks like a pricey thing, but it is definitely a budget item if you look into right place. If you start by checking out flea markets, antique stores, auctions and resellers, you will find it at the price you want to. All you have to do is keep looking till you find it. You can also salvage and redo cast light fixtures, iron tubs, even sinks too. So the point is you can salvage literally anything that fits your style and you want to put the effort into saving and wishing for your own!
N&C Construction is a family-owned and operated full-service remodeling company offering doors, windows, baths, kitchens, decks, siding, roofing and additions. We are experts in bathroom remodeling in canonsburg pa and decks in canonsburg pa. We personally handle all aspects of all projects, right from the sale right through the direct execution of remodel.

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