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Importance Of Spa Massage

Four Seasons Spa offer different type of massages and body treatment, visit us once and you will have an elevated experience with remarkable results. We exclusively offerspa massage treatment for our clients. We have a team of specialized therapists for this.
Our spa massage comes to create the ultimate experience of relaxation. This gentle flowing strokes and tissue release help you achieve a mind/body balance, leaving you refreshed and relaxed. This massage includes medium to deep pressure which targets specific areas of your foot and penetrates deeper muscle and tissue structures. This is a great relaxation massage for anyone on the go needing to unwind their body pressure. This is not an ordinary massage, this is a world class bite-your-lips and it feels-so-good massage. We perform a wonderfully relaxing massage focusing the pressure points throughout your lower legs and feet. Our massage experts give special attention to nerve endings, connective tissues, muscles and all that encompasses your feet. It is all about your feet and your feet will thank you, your entire body will thank you for a great massage.
Foot massage have its own important health benefits, for centuries various cultures have used this massage to promote health and wellbeing. It improves blood flow and blood circulation in body, many of us fail to exercise the muscles in our feet like we should and when this happens the foot muscles tighten and circulation can be hindered. There are many reasons of getting foot muscles tightening one of them is uncomfortable shoes which we use daily. To loosens up these muscles and allowing the circulation of blood to flow unimpeded you must try our fabulous foot massage. Also, the improved blood flow in the body produces healthier cells and helps cleanse waste and toxins from the body.
In order to reduce stress and anxiety massage to your foot is proven help. It puts you in a deep state of relaxation and helps alleviate the stress that often contributes to the tightening of your foot muscles. Our highly trained and friendly therapists will target the pressure points throughout your body and work their magic to lower anxiety level and leave you feeling completely refreshed. It also helps lowering your blood pressure. In these days work load and mental trauma have caused high blood pressure be everyone’s problem, also unhealthy diets and stress are major contributors to high blood pressure. If high blood press left unchecked it may lead to several other adverse health conditions. One of recent study which was conducted on caregivers of dementia patents have proved that whoever received massages on their foot experienced the greatest amount of decrease in their diastolic blood pressure.
It is also a great help for foot / ankle injury prevention, when we fail to use our foot muscles regularly they become more susceptible to injuries. Massage loosens, stretches and strengthens the muscles in your feet and that helps speed up recovery if you have an injury and it also prevents future injuries. Because of the pressure points connected to the foot it also helps reduce headaches. There are certain reflex areas in the feet that connect energetically to the other parts of the body, specifically the tips of the toes. Research shows that regular massage to your foot is as effective as drug therapy and is able to cure or help both migraine and tension headaches in a significant number of patients.
Our massage removes the blockages and frees up the energy pathways that should flow freely throughout the body. That means an hour of pure bliss for your feet that leaves you rejuvenated, energized and ready to take on the world.

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