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Want the freedom to workout in your basement

Want the freedom to workout in your basement, garage or outdoors on sunny days? Don’t want to be confined to working out solely in doorways? Then a Khantrinh free-standing pull-up system is the perfect solution for you.
khantrinh Free standing bars usual offer a much wider variety of Fitness Equiplent to help you perform a multitude of different exercises, making them more akin to home gyms than just pull up bars. Stand alone systems are great and kind of the “king of bars” as people usually graduate on to these set ups after they’ve mastered their doorway mounted systems or other basic body weight workout routines
Free standing pull up bars also go buy the names “workout station”, “power tower”, “power cage” and “exercise stand”.
There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for this type of equipment. First and foremost this is a serious investment.
Plan for the Future: There are free standing units to suit all needs. If you only need to perform pulling movements, there are systems for that. And if you’re Ail is to one day have a complete home Workout then think about looking at more complete power racks/cages that are modular and which you can add pieces to in the future as you build out your dream home gym.
Invest in Quality: Free standing pull up bars serious pieces of home gym equipment for serious Exercise, that’s why they’re usually considered the next setup up from doorway mounted pull-up bars. When purchasing workout equipment you should first look at reviews and quality.
. Other more basic units, usually just called “Pull up machine” or “pull up stand” do away with some of the other features. One thing they ALL have in common and should do well is provide a solid, stable platform to perform chin ups and pull up variations.
When ordering a Pull up Machine online weight matters. Not only because of the cost of shipping it to your house but also hauling it to wherever it is you want to set it up. Also, a simple design makes for quick assembly and easy tear-down if you move or want to sell it in the future. These are small things, but things to keep in mind when comparing the Stamina to other home gym systems. At just less at 54 pound this is the lightest and thus most portable of the free-standing pull up bars available on market today.
Today Khanhtrinh Production Trading Service Co. Ltd. offers high-quality fitness products at affordable prices. We value our customers and work hard to stand up to their expectations. Before, during and after every sale, we will answer all your questions and to provide the best experience possible. Customer's satisfaction is our first priority.
Free standing pull up bar

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